Sunday, December 7, 2008

Last Day At Xcalak

We had a great week at Xcalak, went out to eat twice at the Leaky Palapa a really nice restaurant just a short walk from our camping spot. Of course Peggy got Lobster both nights while I stuck with the fresh fish catch, very well prepared.

We got two nights and two mornings of rain but the temperatures were always in the mid 70’sF. The rain and salty air may have caused our refrigerator to stop working one morning. I fooled around with electrical connections to the circuit board gave it a few bangs and it all started working again. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t stop again. I caught it before anything got too warm.
We did a little bit of walking, rode our bikes a few times and I went kayaking a few times. The beaches here have mangroves here and there so that long beach walks are not possible. We would like to stay here longer but it is a private home and the caretaker tells us that the owners are arriving on Monday and would like the beach to themselves without our RV in front of their place.

We also have Wi-Fi here which is really nice for staying in touch. I’m not sure exactly where we are going next but probably somewhere near Tulum. We need to take on some more bottled water since my 40 gal tank looks like it’s near empty. I’m sure we will see some water trucks along the way when we get to the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto on the main road to Cancun.

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